Margate Interiors

Inside Margate Interiors

Situated on the lower end of the High Street is a hidden treasure of a shop. If you want a splash of colour for your home then this is the place to come. From brightly coloured cushions to funky wall clocks, retro furniture to David Bowie tea towels, there is something for everyone in Margate Interiors. Take a look at the pictures below for a photo tour of the fabulous things inside Margate Interiors.

Margate InteriorsMargate Interiors 11Margate InteriorsMargate InteriorsMargate Interiors 4Margate Interiors 5Margate Interiors 15Margate Interiors 9Margate Interiors 6Margate Interiors 13Margate Interiors 7Margate Interiors 8Margate Interiors 14Margate Interiors 16Margate Interiors 10Margate Interiors 12

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