Inside Old Kent Market

Inside Old Kent Market

The bright red building stands proudly on Margate seafront.  Starting life as a cinema back in 1911, it was then a bingo hall in the 60’s, a snooker club in the 80’s and in 2013 it was lovingly restored to become Old Kent Market.  Inside there are a variety of stalls selling food and crafts.  If you have an hour or two to spare then it’s definitely worth a visit.


BB’s Cafe and Bar

The first thing you notice as you walk through the doors is a great big red bus. Yes, an actual bus is inside Old Kent Market and even better, it’s a cafe!  The bottom deck is the bustling kitchen and you can dine on the top deck. You can get all your cafe favourites such as sandwiches and burgers and it’s a great location to soak up the atmosphere of Old Kent Market.

BB's Cafe and Bar

BB’s Cafe and Bar inside Old Kent Market

BB's Cafe and Bar

Dine on the top deck of a bus at BB’s Cafe and Bar

You can even host a kids party on the top deck and why not order your birthday cake from Bren’s Bakes which is also inside Old Kent Market.

Bren's Bakes in Old Kent Market

Birthday cake from Bren’s Bakes in Old Kent Market


Gina’s Old Kent Bakery

With a delicious selection of breads and sweet treats, this is one not to miss.  Everything is freshly baked and there are things hitting the shelves straight from the oven all the time.

Gina's Old Kent Bakery

Irresistible loaves of bread at Gina’s Old Kent Bakery

Gina's Old Kent Bakery

Delicious treats at Gina’s Old Kent Bakery


Grandad’s Workshop

Grandad’s Workshop is the perfect place to bring children to make a gift for their parents to treasure.  ‘Grandad’ is on hand to give you all the help you need and show you what to do every step of the way.

Grandad's Workshop

Make your own wooden pen at Grandad’s Workshop

He also sells a wonderful selection of up-cycled crafts from record clocks to lampshades made from Venetian blinds.

Grandad's Workshop in Old Kent Market

Upcycled record clocks at Grandad’s Workshop in Old Kent Market

Grandad's Workshop in Old Kent Market

Choose your 4 favourite records to complete this set of coasters at Grandad’s Workshop



If you are looking for a natural remedy for your aches and pains then go and see Kim at Herboristerie.  She has a wealth of knowledge and a vast stock of ingredients and will help you find what you need.

Herboristerie in Old Kent Market

Special blends to help different ailments at Herboristerie

Herboristerie in Old Kent Market

Stock up on your health essentials at Herboristerie


Bottega Caruso

With a reputation locally as selling the best fresh pasta, you really need to give this place a visit. You can also stock up your cupboards with specially selected deli ingredients too.  Bottega Caruso runs a number of pasta workshops and supper clubs locally, often in conjunction with other local suppliers and eateries.

Bottega Caruso in Old Kent Market

Fresh food is always being prepared at Bottega Caruso

Bottega Caruso in Old Kent Market

Italian deli delights at Bottega Caruso


Smart Airwear

I know what you’ve all been thinking… “where, oh where can I find a pair of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Dr Martens”. Well, look no further, they are here at Old Kent Market, along with a host of slightly more demure DM’s. Take a trip upstairs to see Mandi and she’ll help you find the perfect pair.

Smart Airwear in Old Kent Market

Find your perfect DM’s at Smart Airwear


Mica’ Coastal Crafts

The very talented Michelle makes all of the beautiful crafts at Mica’ Coastal Crafts. You will have a hard time choosing your favourite item so be prepared to leave with everything in stock!

Mica Coastal Crafts in Old Kent Market

A beautiful selection of hand crafted gifts at Mica’s Coastal Crafts

Mica' Coastal Crafts in Old Kent Market

Pick a handmade wooden sign at Mica’ Coastal Crafts

Mica Coastal Crafts in Old Kent Market

Too many gorgeous things to choose from at Mica’ Coastal Crafts


Foody Moody’s

For a delicious and healthy lunch, why not grab a salad from Foody Moody’s? There are a whole variety of vegan and gluten free options here and you can wash it down with some fresh lemonade or a smoothie.

Foody Moody's at Old Kent Market

Cool down on a hot day with some iced tea or fresh lemonade

Foody Moody's in Old Kent Market

Grab a delicious and healthy salad at Foody Moody’s

4 thoughts on “Inside Old Kent Market

  1. Mandi says:

    Great job, fantastic shops retail and food, smart airwear sells rare and limited edition stock in dr martens and also selling vintage clothing.


    • Mandi says:

      Cool glad you like the market, come and have a look lots more in the market daily, lots more rare dr martens in stock now, thank you, mandi, smart airwear.


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